Friday, August 11, 2017

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The Sisters of Versailles: A Novel (The Mistresses of Versailles Trilogy) (Kindle Edition) by Sally Christie

Another terrific book about the checkered love life of Louis the XV. Sally Christie writes of early years of Louis' marriage. Seven years into the relationship, the courtiers search to find the perfect mistress to keep the king busy and meet their demands. They find a great match with the eldest of the Nesle sisters, Louise. Naive and devoted, she embarks on a love affair that last several years. She is the perfect foil, ready to selflessly serve the king and ask nothing in return. As his ardor cools, his interests ramp up as she brings her sisters to court. One by one, he fulfills a bizarre fantasy, making three of her younger sisters his mistress. Each sister brings a new dimension and demands that tickle the king. While Louise lived to serve and please him, Pauline and Marie-Anne work their relationship to their advantage. Pauline uses Louise for access to the king, then maliciously rubs her sister's face in her triumphs. Marie-Anne, in her turn, uses her dim-witted sister Diane as a prop to spark the kings waning interest. She annihilates, her sister Louise, banishing her from Versailles. This was a fascinating story of the glittering world of aristocrats. Christie transports you to another era, and manages to convey the story of each of the sisters, each voice as different as their needs. Through it all, despite the rivalries, sisterly love surfaces, reminding the siblings blood is thicker than water.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Navigating Indieworld Radio on PODFIRERADIO.COM

Navigating Indieworld Host; Julie, Carole and RL Jackson with Special Guest Anita Dickson
Show Airs Monday, July 31, 2017 @ 7:00 PM PT

Navigating Indieworld Radio’s goal is to bring a voice to independent authors. We celebrate their accomplishments, introduce new authors to readers and give them a platform not otherwise available. We will host lively discussions about the Indie Authors triumphs and struggles, providing useful information, tools, and resources to help further their careers.  In addition, we want to help the indie authors bridge the gap and speak directly to the readers to stir their interest in new books. In conjunction with the book: “Navigating Indie World” and our Magazine, “Indie Authors Monthly”, we will use each tool to help catapult authors into the spotlight for their amazing work.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Check out my radio show with author Erica Graham!

Check out my radio show with author Erica Graham!

Let's Say Hello to Our Neighbor's with Carole P. Roman
Episode 6: Carole P. Roman Interviews Erica Graham Author & Professionally Speaks on Children's Speech Development
Show Airs on Saturday, July 15, 2017 @ 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM EST

Monday, July 10, 2017

Reading with a Purpose by Erica Graham

Special thanks to Erica Graham for a great article!

Reading with a Purpose

Reading is an essential aspect of a child’s development. It not only prepares a child for important literacy skills but can also play a vital role in speech and language development. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of reading time.

1.       Limit distractions
When possible, try to limit distractions when reading to your child. Distractions can be anything that your child can see or hear. Some children could even be distracted from a book if they are not allowed to conclude their previous activity. A child will get more out of reading if they are fully attending.

2.       Keep the book within reach
Sit down next to your child and hold the book so both of you can reach it. Reading is a physical experience as much as it is visual and auditory. If you are like me, you may cringe at the thought of those crisp pages becoming crinkled; but allowing your child to touch the book and turn pages will help them develop fundamental building blocks for reading as well as fine motor skills.

3.       Let your child take the lead
While reading, it is common for children to want to spend a little more time on a certain page or go back to a previous page, especially with younger ones. This is great! It means they are attending to the book. Allow them to take the lead and chime in with questions and comments.

4.       Make reading interactive
Help your child interact with the story by asking questions such as “what is happening in this picture?” or “what do you think will happen next?” This will build a narrative, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

5.       Read routinely
Pick a time to read every day. Reading around the same time will make it part of your routine. As your child grows, they are developing new cognitive abilities and skills meaning every time they read, they are learning something new.

All of these strategies are great ways to improve reading time. However, out of all of these suggestions, the most important tip is to simply read. Pull any book from the shelf, sit down and enable your child to grow through the words and pictures before them.

-- Erica Graham

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Are Any of us Safe from Hackers? by Angela Hausman

Are Any of us Safe from Hackers?

New Book Raises Questions

 by Angela Hausman

Alexandria, VA July 1, 2017:  We all love the convenience of connected devices, but what happens when those devices kill? That’s the premise of a new novel, SCARS OF THE PAST, by Angela Hausman that explores how hackers use IoT devices as weapons of destruction, even death. Jacob and his team of FBI cyber sleuths must find a serial killer hiding behind aberrant code in connected devices that’s killing Russian diplomates in the US drumming up support for Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. It seems anyone who oppose Ukrainian reunification is in danger—and the killers aren’t shy about leaving a trail of other bodies as collateral damage. Scars of the Past is available for pre-order on Amazon (release date, July 25th).

While Scars of the Past is a work of fiction, extensive research with cybersecurity experts and law enforcement officers add realism so the novel reads like facts were ripped from the headlines of the near future. Characters and scenes jump off the page, depicting the best and worst of DC and the Federal bureaucracy that stymies efforts to help the FBI prevent more death.

Scars of the Past is second in the Dark Web series, which was introduced in Buried Ladies: A Novel of Mystery, Murder, and the Dark Web. Buried Ladies, (4.8 stars) is available for the promotional price of $.99 as part of the launch of Book #2.

Angela Hausman lives and works in the DC Metro, where she teaches at George Washington University and writes from her home in Alexandria with her 2 dogs to keep her company. Prior to living in DC, Angela lived in the Rio Grande Valley, an important setting for both books. Her books feature diverse populations, including Latinos and Jews, and strong female characters who know how to kick butt.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

In a Bind! by Eva Pasco

In a Bind!
by Eva Pasco
Incorporating a slice of life —a “Behind-the-Scene Note” pertaining to my second novel in the genre of Contemporary Women’s Fiction, An Enlightening Quiche.  Writing the novel necessitated my delving into the Industrial Revolution and the subsequent rise of mills along the Blackstone River in northern Rhode Island—my fictitious BrulĂ© Bookbinding Co., construed by memories retained from seasonal employment at Sidney-Higgins Bookbinding Co. during my freshman and sophomore college years. Memories, sprouting through the cracks of yesteryear are vivid as yesterday's news.
Like the previous mill I worked in when I turned sixteen, Sidney-Higgins occupied a part of the old Wanskuck Mill complex on Branch Avenue in Rhode Island’s capital city of Providence. Battered and glass-shattered, the Wanskuck stood its weed-littered ground on turf from a bygone era when the falls of the West River and Wanskuck Pond powered its machinery.
Hired by Mr. Gardner, the owner, for a wage above minimum at $1.85/hour, the small company comprised of 8 people and a foreman, took me into their “fold,” no pun intended. Manny, Skip, and Jim operated the heavy-duty machinery.  Ray, the foreman, stood before the helm of the Heidelberg Polar Cutter and stepped away whenever he parceled out work to the elderly female work force. Namely Betty, Edith, Jeanette, Bea, and Eve.
There’d be days we’d hang around playing cards waiting for a job to come in. When it got especially busy during one summer, I took in my neighbor, Rachel. Ray brought in his daughter, Jane. Jim rustled up his son Jim, and Jim in turn recruited his girlfriend, Gail.  The owner hired two rich college boys who couldn’t do any wrong by association—Dave and Rick. Betty rallied her neighbor’s son, Joe, an aspiring priest who attended a seminary. 
In the same age bracket, and thrown together by happenstance, we shared some good times during lunch break. I fondly remember climbing out the window and eating lunch on one of the tar-roof landings littered with smashed 45 rpms, residue from the mill next door.  I managed to salvage a couple of discards still in one piece.
Of course, all of this bric-a-brac didn’t wend its way to BrulĂ© Bookbinding Co., the impoverished mill in my novel.  However, the labor-intensive jobs I describe in detail certainly did: collating, hole-punching, feeding the saddle-stitcher, combing.
Paper cuts were by-products in the line of duty throughout my temporary employment. Speaking of cuts, I’d be remiss if I left out my high-pitched swan song by the “round-cornering” machine which involved leaning back a tad to step on a pedal which brought down a blade similar to a guillotine that swiftly and sharply lopped off the square corners on a stack of lined paper. Next!
I didn’t feel a thing. Like something out of a horror movie, I espied my own blood gushing everywhere and couldn’t fathom why. In a state of shock, I couldn’t comprehend that I’d inadvertently round-cornered the tip of my pinky finger, which, by the way, is none the worse from the wear and tear of being in a bind with stitches. 

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